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Simple Wagon Loading Project in Gujarat


  1. The wagon loader is standing perpendicular to the wagon on its own platform.
  2. The wagon arrives on platform.
  3. The roller conveyor is lifted with the help of gearbox and motor by screw rod mechanism.
  4. The limit is mounted on the top of roller conveyor which restricts the motion of roller conveyor at certain height as per the porters requirement.
  5. The roller conveyor is inserted 500-600mm inside the wagon as per requirement.
  6. Now, the wagon loader is set for its operation.
  7. The belt conveyor and diverter wheel starts their operation simultaneously.
  8. The belt conveyor carries the bags of fertilizer which are which are to be loaded into wagon.
  9. Once the belt conveyor is started the red signal mounted on the wagon loader glows.
  10. When the fertilizer bag comes rolling on diverter, the diverter which works on gear box and motor in desired direction directs the bag on belt conveyor of wagon loader.
  11. The bag now rolls on belt conveyor of wagon loader.
  12. The frame of belt conveyor of wagon loader is attached with the bag counter, which counts the number of bags.
  13. The display of bag counter is mounted on control panel.
  14. The bags now are transferred on roller conveyor.
  15. The roller conveyor lowers the speed of bag and conveys into wagon.
  16. The bag is now caught by porter inside the wagon.
  17. Similar operation is carried out till the wagon is not completely filled.
  18. Once the wagon is completely filled, the roller conveyor is brought down.
  19. Now, the wagon loader is moved towards next wagon.
  20. While moving the alarm light and beacon mounted on the of wagon loader starts alarming for safety concerns.
  21. Now, the above procedure is repeated till the entire wagons are loaded.
simple wagon loading project gujarat

simple wagon loading project gujarat