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Paddle Conveyors


Paddle conveyors are basically used when material needs to mixed while moving to destination.

In a paddle conveyor, the paddles are fitted at regular intervals along the length of the shaft.

These paddles can be either in MS or SS and its angle can be changed to control the speed of material of being carried out and its mixing.
Paddles control the flow of the material there by resulting in effective stirring and mixing of the carried material.

In a feed industry, paddle conveyors are used to mix steam and molasses in the feed.

Paddle conveyors can be either single shaft or double shaft depending upon the application.and material being conveyed/mixed.

Paddles are made of flat with thickness up to 10 mm.

VFD (Variable frequency Drive ) is also used in Paddle conveyors to control the speed as desired.

Some of the salient features of our paddle conveyors are :

Uniform homogeneous and quick stirring / blending
Sturdy, rigid, vibration free and efficient.
Used for mixing of chemicals & drugs, spices, minerals, sugar, pulp etc.
No increase in temperature due to soft gentle Mixing.